Stabilized Image Binoculars  SBS-16X50, SBS-20X50


Stabilized binoculars are designed for observation and detail viewing remote objects during search and rescue works and other activities both from the stationary and moving platforms (from car, board of the vehicle, yacht and so forth). Specially developed stabilized image system ensures a fixed visible image under the influence of interfering effects, such as: hand tremors of the user, vibration, kicks, shocks on the binoculars, The binoculars with such stabilized system have a row of advantages over the other ones of the same class:

image stabilization is within the limits of angular oscillations 3,5C

recognition distance of objects is increased more than in 3 times;

comfort of observation (no eye fatigue);

absence of acoustic noises and electromagnet interferences;

absence of power supply and therefore unlimited period of

continuous work in the stabilized mode;

great reliability and almost unlimited resource of working of the device.

The binoculars are fit for work at an ambient temperature from

-20C to +40C. They are sealed against rain.


Model SBS 16x50 SBS 20x50
Magnification, times 16 20
Angle of vision, deg 4 312'
Exit pupil diameter/distance, mm 2,2/11,5 2,0/11,0
Resolution limit, sec 5,3 4,5
Dimension, mm 230x162x72 250x162x72
Weight, kg 1.45 1.5
Part Number: 000-952 207-009